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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Office cards

I made 3 cards last weekend and never got a chance to post them. Well, the truth is---I  forgot my camera ( I think I have a mental problem with my camera)--anyway, one of the girls at work (Denise) had her camera and took these for me.  We had 3 promotions at work, and I made the cards-1 female and 2 male cards ( male cards are so hard for me). Anyway, the cards are really the same, just changed the dp and images. Each card had an insert of another page and on that page, I put the 2nd ( or inside image). By doing this, it just made more room for people to sign the cards and write their little comments. The 3 blank pages each had congratulations on it. So, here is the first card: LOTV images
 and here is the inside:
Here is the 2nd card with Mo Manning's digi images:
and the inside image:
and the last one--these are 2 digi images--forgot the name of the 2 companies--will go look them up and come back and edit:
and the inside:
If you flip the inside image back a page, it opens up to 2 additional pages that each have congratulations on them for the writing ( or signatures).  You can  click on the images to enlarge.  I think the camera was a little too far away.  Live and learn, right
Hope you like them and thanks for looking


Lillian said...

Oh my, each and every card is super, Monnie - I can see where all your time went with these!! Lots of stupendous coloring, both inside and out . . . fab creations and hope these recipients know how lucky they are to get them . . .

Gail said...

Monnie, these are excellent cards! I love the colors you used on each one, and even finishing the inside. Wow! You have outdone yourself; each is adorable! Hugs, Gail