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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I made a St Patrick's Day card for my February Mingle swap at LNS.  This card is for my friend Gail Lass. Gail loves lace and I tried so hard to put some on the front of the card, just didn't work out............ but I put some inside just for her :)
I used my Irish Maggie. It's funny, when you are making a card ( or at least with me), sometimes I struggle with how I want it. BUT, when I'm all done, I then can think of a zillion things I could have done. Ah, will have to try and store those ideas for the next time. Here is the card:

and here is the inside of the card:

The lace was just too wide and didn't look right on the front.
 Have you ever made a card and put it in a safe "place" and then forgot all about it?  Well, I made a get well card for Gail and did that.  Out of sight (and my fault)--out of mind ( that is happening to me a lot lately!!).  Anyway came across the card today and almost died--thought for sure I had mailed it.  Now that is a BIG OOPS.  Sent it off to Gail today along with the St Patty's card--with a note;

Here is the card ---kind bright, don't you think?

And here is the inside to that card:

Ha Ha, maybe it was a good thing she didn't get this when she wasn't feeling well.
Have 2 more cards I'm working on--when I get them done, I'll post them.
Have a nice day.


Lillian said...

Doesn't matter, Monnie -- it's ALWAYS nice to get a card (or two) in the mail, whether it's late or not!! Keeps us guessing that way and also surprised. You did a great job on both. Love your St. Pat's card and the lace looks perfect on the inside - I'm sure Gail's gonna love 'em both!! Proud of you for posting on your blog -- keep it up, girl !!

Gail said...

The cards posted here are very pretty, but they're great in person. I'm the lucky recipient! The St. Patty's day card is colored so pretty with orange and green. The get well card is so pretty, too, and it's not too bright! Monnie did a gorgeous job on them. Thank you, Monnie!! Hugs, Gail

Jason said...

I'm liking the St. Patty's day card!

Janie Printz said...

Hi Monnie, LOVE this cute little St Patrick card & how you've decorated the inside as beautifully as the outside. That lace is wonderful with the little pearls on it & those pearl sprays on the front are gorgeamus !!! What are they ?
Hugs, Janie